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Our Brands: Flowers To Go, Inc. / Williams Flower & Gift

Serving King, Kitsap, Mason and Pierce County

Our firm was started more than 30 years ago. We first opened our doors as Flowers To Go, Inc. Over the past 5 years, we have been expanding our business. Our owner, Will Gross, has purchased a number of flower shops and brands in the area. We are in the process of consolidating all of the various brands we control under one operating business name. Going forward, our corporate name will continue to be Flowers To Go, Inc. We will do business as, Williams Flower & Gift.

Flowers to Go

Williams Flower & Gift

Farley's Flowers

Lakewood Florist

Ambrosia Florist

Lynch Creek Floral

Flowers To Go, Inc. was started more than 30 years ago. Originally opened as a roadside flower stand. The company has experienced rapid growth over the past five years. The current owner of the company is Will Gross. He purchased the company from his family, around 2012. Flowers To Go, Inc is the official corporate name for our business. That is the official corporate name we will continue to operate under. A few years ago, we established the dba, "Williams Flower & Gift." That is the new operating name that we plan to consolidate all of our floral brands under.

Farley's Flowers has been in business for many years. Flowers To Go, Inc. purchased the company several years ago. Farley's is one of the oldest and most well established floral design firms in Tacoma, Washington. The flower shop is located at 1620 Sixth Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98405. This brand and associated flower shop location are being rolled up under our new business name, Williams Flower & Gift. 

Lynch Creek Floral proudly serves the Shelton, Washington area. This flower shop was a family owned and operated firm that we purchased a few years ago. The business will be re-branding to our new operating business name, Williams Flower & Gift. Lynch Creek Floral, now Williams Flower & Gift, is committed to offering only the finest floral arrangements and gifts, backed by service that is friendly and prompt. Because all of our customers are important, our professional staff is dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one. That is why we always go the extra mile to make your floral gift perfect.

Williams Flower & Gift is the new business name we plan to consolidate all of our floral brands under. We officially registered this dba with the state of Washington, a few years ago. Our official corporate name is now, Flowers To Go, Inc dba Williams Flower & Gift. Our leadership team selected the new name for several reasons. First, it provided us with an opportunity to celebrate family history. Flowers To Go, Inc. was originally started by William Gross Sr. He originally opened the business as a roadside flower stand, more than 30 years ago. The company is now owned and operated by his son, Will Gross Jr. Will operates 8 floral design centers in King, Kitsap, Mason and Pierce counties. A second factor in our decision process was the desire to select a name that reflects the superb style and quality of the floral design services we provide.

Ambrosia Florist is a company we purchased a few years ago. This firm operates in the Tacoma, Washington market. We recently repointed the Ambrosia Florist URL to our brand new website (www.flowerstogoonline.com). We are in the process of rebranding our entire organization. All of our brands will be consolidated under our main corporate name, Flowers To Go, Inc, dba Williams Flower & Gift. In the coming months, we plan to shift our operating URL from (www.flowerstogoonline.com) to our new primary URL (www.williamsflowers.com).

Lakewood Flower Shop is a company that we bought several years ago. We continued to operate the flower shop location for a short period of time, but, eventually moved all floral operations for Lakewood Flower Shop into our Farley's Flowers location, in Tacoma Washington. The Lakewood Flower Shop website is currently still in use. We plan to redirect that site over to our brand new corporate website, once we have completed our brand change to Williams Flower & Gift.